Crochet Diary 1 – Birth of my new obsession.

It was almost exactly a year ago that I did my very first piece of knitting, a stripy scarf of pink and green full of holes, completely skew whiff, and perfectly imperfect for a first piece of knitting.


After this, I knitted a little snood for my then 8 month old baby girl. I was so very proud of seeing my baby wearing something I had made myself!


Then I managed to follow a pattern and I made a hat. It looked nothing at all like the pattern, but it was wearable and it did the job it was supposed to and the level of smugness I felt at seeing my baby in a hat made by my fair hands was actually quite sad. But I had the bug. I had never ever thought I would consider myself creative enough to make anything worth making. But I realised that the enjoyment of creating is addictive and I guess I figured that it doesn’t matter if what I make isn’t perfect, or even very good. I loved it and thats enough.


Soon after, my daughter was given a lesson on how to crochet. I always thought crochet looked so much harder to do than knitting. I watched my daughter being shown how to make a chain and tried myself, and I could not do it. At all. I watched my friends hands moving so fast making what seemed to me to be extremely elaborate stitches, and figured I would never be able to pick up how to do it, especially since I couldn’t even get my head around making a simple chain. I was all fingers and thumbs. But for some reason I was determined that I was going to learn. So I practised. My niece was pregnant and I wanted to make something for the new arrival, so I just kept trying. And after a few weeks I had created a little blanket and even a pair of booties from a kit I bought at Hobbycraft.



At this point I was totally hooked, but still slightly confused by a lot of the stitches and how to follow patterns. And why did it have to be made more confusing by the different terms used in the UK and the US??

I bought a book which I am probably going to be using for a while to come to learn more new stitches and techniques. I Iove this book and recommend it to anyone new to crochet.



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