Forest school week 7

Today at forest school our task was to use the bow saws and cut Sycamore trees down to make a shelter. I worked with my friend Ethan. When we cut the tree down we cut some extra little branches with loppers. Me and Ethan cut about 2 or 3 trees down. Katy showed us how to cut a notch out the side of the where we wanted it to fall then we had to cut a line down the opposite side of the trunk. This made the trunk fall  in the direction we wanted it to fall. After we cut them we put the bows and the loppers away and carried the branches back through the forset to the camp.

After that we put some marshmallows over the fire and hot dogs. I had two marshmallows and I called them “fluff muffins” they reminded me of fluff crossed between a meringue because it was gooey on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Katy showed us how we are going to start to build the frame of the lean-to, but then we had to stash the branches away for next time, and pack up. Its half term next week so no forest school so we will have some pictures of the finished lean-to in a couple of weeks time!


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