Stream of consciousness 10 minute challenge.

I am new to blogging so I have no idea what this is going to turn into. By that I mean this post I am writing right now and my blog as a whole.
I created the blog to follow my daughter’s journey through her home education. We do a lot of activities and I want a space I can keep track of all she does aside from my facebook album which is dedicated to it.
I also want it to be a place I can talk about things that interest me and I am going to make a confession here. I have recently begun studying Wicca and Pagan religion, and so this blog is likely to include much about that as I am learning as well as posts on nature in it’s many forms.
I also have become rather crafty in the last year. I did my first piece of knitting around a year ago and I have created some quite nice things since then. I never considered myself artistic or creative enough beforehand, but I have surprised myself a few times in the last year.
In fact I am discovering a few skills that I wish I had pursued much sooner than the arse end of my 30s. I have been spending a lot of time learning about gardening and have now finally got the confidence to get stuck into my garden which is a bit of a wild mass of plant life at the moment. I will have it sorted by this time next year and looking lovely.
Stand up comedy is another interest of mine. I find that comedians are far more than just people who make you laugh. There job is to state things that we see and do everyday and make it humerous, and for that reason most comics have a way of putting the world in perspective that is so true and genuine. The comeidians who have the balls can really make people think about the world. I am not exaggerating when I say Bill Hicks changed my life. George Carlin too. They gave me tangible things that I could relate to that helped me make sense of the shitty world and to juxtapose that with the amazing beauty and love I felt for life. They helped me realise so much about life and it’s duality, irony, beauty and hypocrisy that abides on this planet. Anyway, my 10 minutes is up so ciao!


4 thoughts on “Stream of consciousness 10 minute challenge.”

  1. Looking forward to reading your posts. I hope you get your garden sorted out – I take the slash and burn approach. Let everything do it’s thing all year and in Autumn just cut it all back and dispose of the evidence. So what if my patch is bare for 4 months 🙂 Are you going to keep a photo-journal on here of how your garden progresses?


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