John Muir Week 2


Week 2 of John Muir award was spent getting the group aclimatized to both the outdoors and to each other.
The kids were encouraged to work with those that perhaps they didn’t know as well as the ones they regularly hooked up with and they undertook a trust exercise. One person was blindfolded and then led through the forest while being totally dependant on their partner to keep them safe from trip hazards, stinging nettles and whatever else might cause problems while walking through a forest blindfolded.



The idea was to try to get the person fairly disoriented and lead them to a tree. They would need to feel the tree and it’s close surroundings and then, once led back to the start try to identify which tree you were led to. Chloe had a go at leading me blindfolded and I was pretty rubbish at it, she had got me well and truly disorientated!

Next we talked about fire safety and were shown how to light a fire. We were sent out to find tinder, kindling and larger logs for sustained fuel.

It was lovely sitting in the forest with a fire warming us while the kettle booked to make hot chocolate.





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